EVAC Competition

May 11, 1993

The Electric Vehicle and the American Community:

A National Planning and Design Competition

​On May 11, a team of six New Hampshire professionals took top honors in a national competition designed to hasten the day that clean, efficient electric vehicles are commonplace in our communities.

Today most gas stations feature convenience stores for basic groceries and snack foods. Putting this trend together with America’s love for drive-thru fast food, the team envisioned imaginative recharging schemes for a small community. For main street, they designed a five-minute “Jump-Food” quick-charge drive-thru convenience store where the driver first plugs-in, places an order for grocery items, picks up and pays for the items and the charge, and emerges onto Main Street through a converted alley. For the shopping center, they designed a multifuel/ charging station with a drive-thru “Charge’n Eat” food court providing the shopper or long distance traveller with a smorgasbord of fast food choices while the car recharges.

  • A National Planning and Design Competition