A Memorable Icon

EV Graphics Infrastructure

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Project Description

  • Edward Hopper-Gas Gas, 1940, oil on canvas, by Edward Hopper
    Mobil’s early integration of corporate logo with pump architecture, as immortalized by
    Edward Hopper, provides a useful paradigm for an envisioned union of the illuminated E
    logo with a retractable charging unit.
  • Interstate Sign Envisioned adoption of “Big E” icon as standard DOT signage for interstate and regional
    highways signals the existence of charging facilities along with conventional fuels, food
    and lodging, etc.
  • Retail Signs Multi-Fuel Service Centers team up with “In-Parallel” food, shopping and entertainment
    activities to occupy long-distance travelers.
  • Inertial Reel Neon-inspired Perimeter and Sub-surface Illumination combine with the E icon to define a
    charging unit concept for a garage or light post. Retractable cable keeps the charging interface
    from contact with wet pavements and dirt.
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