Reels and Bollards

EV Charging Hardware

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Project Description

  • Edward Hopper's - Gas Gas, 1940, oil on canvas, by Edward Hopper
    Mobil’s early integration of corporate logo with pump architecture, as immortalized by
    Edward Hopper, provides a useful paradigm for an envisioned union of the illuminated E
    logo with a retractable charging unit.
  • Keene Main Street Hi-Tech / Low-Tech “Smart” connectors on overhead inertial reels merge EV technology
    with existing mechanics to form safe, easy-to-use charger couplings along
    Main Street.
  • Inertial Reel Neon-inspired Perimeter and Sub-surface Illumination combine with the E icon to define a
    charging unit concept for a garage or light post. Retractable cable keeps the charging interface
    from contact with wet pavements and dirt.
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