EV Charging Site Integration

EV Site Integration

Site Integration

Project Description

  • Edward Hopper's GAS Gas, 1940, oil on canvas, by Edward Hopper
    Mobil’s early integration of corporate logo with pump architecture, as immortalized by
    Edward Hopper, provides a useful paradigm for an envisioned union of the illuminated E
    logo with a retractable charging unit.
  • EV Site Integration Drive Through “Charge’n Shop” Drive Through “In-Parallel” Convenience Store
    offers an electric fill-up, a loaf of bread, and no running
    from car to store in the bitter cold.
  • EV Site Integration Load Management Load Management:
    Overnight at-home charging supports efficient use of Off-Peak power.

    Shop Keene and Park Free!
    “EV Only” Parking Garage serves commuter and shopper with full charging
    24 hours a day.
  • EV Site Integration Preferred Parking Preferred Parking surface lots offer long-term low power charging from light poles,
    eventually employing photovoltaics for “solar” charging.
  • EV Site Integration Service Centers Multi-Fuel Service Centers team up with “In-Parallel” food, shopping and entertainment
    activities to occupy long-distance travelers.
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